Carolyn Moos: Jason Collins' Former Fiancee "Shocked" He's Gay


Every girl’s worst nightmare is finding out her boyfriend is gay. It’s a blow to her ego. People will joke and say she turned him gay. Most of us know that’s not possible, but it will still be mentioned. So, imagine how Carolyn Moos, Jason Collins’ former fiance, felt when the NBA star came out to the world on earlier this week. 

Moos, 34, is a former WNBA star. She is now a model, personal trainer and entrepreneur. She runs a company called FITT4LIFE that emphasizes the importance of nutrition and all-around fitness. She is native to Minnesota but lives in LA and is a graduate of Stanford.

Collins and Moos dated for 8 years until Collins ended it in 2009, leaving Moos heartbroken and confused. She learned of his true reason for ending their relationship last week and was shocked. She told TMZ, “It’s very emotional for me as a woman to have invested eight years in my dream to have a husband, soul mate, and best friend in him. So this is all hard to understand.” Amid her shock, she still wants the best for him and hopes he finds happiness. 

The media and the entire sports community were in an uproar this week over Collins’ announcement as he is the first ever active NBA player to come out as gay. President Obama gave him a call on the phone to congratulate him, and progressives all over saw this as a true sign of change. President Obama gave a press conference on Tuesday and was brought back to the podium at his own accord to speak about Collins’ announcement. 

George Stephanopoulos scored the opportunity to give Collins’ first interview since the announcement. Collins said that he always knew he was gay but repressed it. He focused on the importance of sports being about the game and not the player’s sexuality. He told Good Morning America of his phone call with the President, saying Obama was “very supportive.” 

Many of you may be asking, why did Collins choose now to come out? He cites the Boston Bombings as his motivation, providing a realization for how fragile life is. Additionally, the nation’s progress toward nationwide same-sex marriage legislation is promising. 

The media frenzy has calmed down and will blow over eventually. From then on, Collins will go down in history and Moos will hopefully fulfill her dreams with someone else.