Islamic Radicals: Sean Hannity and Panelists Have Incoherent Yelling Match On Extremists


Following the Tuesday release of the Pew Research Centre’s report "The World’s Muslims: Religion, Politics, and Society" as part of the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, Sean Hannity, talk show host Bill Cunningham, and religious pluralist speaker Mike Ghouse became engaged in a heated debate-turned-tantrum.

According to the Pew survey, in Muslim countries throughout the regions South Asia, Southeast Asia, sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East — North Africa regions, the majority approve of making Sharia their nation’s certified legal policy, and in South Asia, large percentages in every country surveyed endorsed enacting Sharia as the official law, with almost unanimous support from Muslims in Afghanistan, which obviously clearly proves that “it is only a matter of time before the Sharia law hits the shores of America” — because support for it in majorly Islamic countries would automatically make it extraordinarily easy to replace the entire American legal system.

Ghouse, who argued this point, proclaiming that Hannity’s argument fails to recognize the irrelevance of the data in the face of American’s choice over their legal system is met with an assertion of the data detailing support of suicide bombing (a separate survey than that recording support of Sharia law) courtesy of Hannity, and a rant about the “brutalization” of women by Islam from Cunningham, who then accuses Ghouse of being “like one of those mice … with [his] head stuck in the sand” in regards to a “serious problem” of radical Islam that Ghouse refuses to acknowledge. Cunningham then goes as far as to say the poll is a confirmation that "we are at war, and it is time to respond."

About four minutes into the video, all cohesion is lost, beginning with Ghouse’s “Bill, you are not letting me speak!”

While the whole panel becomes overzealous, it is quite obvious that regardless of opportunities to speak, Ghouse has trouble getting his points across, effectively beginning his responses, or relevantly addressing the points of the other two. The most he can get in edgewise is “there are flaws in Sharia law” and Cunningham’s “a clitorectomy is not a flaw” is probably not a can of worms Ghouse is qualified to refute or even argue with. Every one of his last attempts to speak is blocked by a wall of Hannity’s “you gotta pull your head out of the sand” and Cunningham’s embarrassingly condescending “Say you’re sorry, Mike.”

While both Cunningham and Hannity’s twisting of the statistics left room for a clear and respectable debate, the stuttering Ghouse was probably not the best equipped candidate to provide it. Say you’re sorry, Mike.

The video can be viewed here, courtesy of Fox News: