Blackberry Security: Passes Department Of Defense, So Why Can't iPhones?


Those working in the Pentagon have a range of electronics: the department has 470,000 Blackberry users, 41,000 Apple users and 8,700 people with Android devices.  However, only one of those groups can use their devices with higher ranked security clearance, according to the Department of Defense: it’s not the Apple users, who utilize the technology darling IOS, but the less flashy younger brother, Blackberry.  This surprising twist makes many iOS users wonder about the security of their favorite brand. 

Based on technical experts following of the Security Technical Implementation Guide, Apple iOS products were thought to be much further along in the implementation process than Blackberry products, which leaves many wondering if there was some sort of glitch or breach that made the Apple product have delayed certification

While a spokesperson said that Apple products anticipated to be cleared later next week, there’s no way of knowing why Apple’s products were not approved as early as had been anticipated

For what it’s worth, the Pentagon is trying to make a work environment that is inclusive for all platforms, regardless of who uses them or who the products are made by. It’s a move that reflects the diversity of product usage in the United States, and also demonstrates that there is not one particular model for a handheld device that is better than others: just devices that fit one’s needs more than others. As TechCrunch reports, Pentagon spokesman Lt Col Damien Pickart said that: “this is a significant step towards establishing a multi-vendor environment that supports a variety of state-of-the-art devices and operating systems.”

Of course, with Apple’s slower approval, one starts to wonder if this is actually the case. Is this a simple case of bureaucracy: did some clerical concern delay iOS’ certification?  Or is there something more concerning that has kept the Department of Defense from approving the popular brand? Hopefully this is a matter of bureaucracy rather than a secret design flaw in the products that so many Americans are enamored with. Either way, the Pentagon won’t be revealing any information any time soon, whether  because of a secretive cover up or because they’re all too busy playing Jewel Mania.