The Neighbourhood 'I'm Sorry' Release: Band Talks New Songs, Future


California band, The Neighbourhood, is clothed in ambiguity and uncertainty. From its first release, Female Robbery, no one knew anything about his band or its members, but everyone who heard the music was impressed. Combining hip-hop and indie roots into a very listenable and well defined track, The Neighbourhood is well on its way to becoming the next big thing. Something I may have alluded to in one of my previous articles

With their debut album, I'm Sorry, having been released to critical praise from both BBC Music and from buyers on Amazon (hint hint) on April 22. The Neighbourhood appears to be doing everything right. Set to perform at both Summerfest and Lollapalooza, and having already played Coachella, The Neighbourhood's star is in ascendant, even if no one knows much about them at all. To lift the veil of their mystique, the drummer of The Neighbourhood, Bryan, agreed to answer a few of my questions.

(Evan Almeida) Could you please list the name, age, and respective instrument of each band member?

(Bryan) I'm Bryan, I'm 22 and I play drums, Jesse is 21 and he does vocals, Jeremy is 19, he plays guitar, Mike is also 19, he plays bass, and Zach does guitar.

(Evan Almeida) What inspired the name, The Neighbourhood?

(Bryan) Everyone comes from a "Neighbourhood" no matter where you're from. We all came from a similar place when we grew up as well.

(EA) I love your song "Wires" because of its hip-hop beat and its indie sound. What sort of musical background do all of you have?

(Bryan) We all love hip-hop, it plays a big role in our music. Obviously some of us have more indie rock backgrounds and we're a band so I think it's only natural that those sounds bleed through our music as well. We all love pop, too.

(EA) How long have you all known each other? How did you meet?

(Bryan)We were all friends who played music. Some of the guys have been friends for a long time, collectively maybe five years?

(EA) When did you form your band? What inspired you to make music together?

(Bryan) We formed in late 2011. We wanted to make music with our best friends and create something unique and our own.

(EA) Which bands or musicians inspire you the most?

(Bryan) Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Otis Redding, Stevie Wonder, Justin Timberlake, Drake, The Beatles, and many others.

(EA) When did you feel was your first "making it" moment? 

(Bryan) When our song was on the radio & when we played Australia/Coachella.

(EA) You are a relatively young band, what/who do you credit for your success?

(Bryan) I think we have a great team. Everyone who is a part of "The Neighbourhood," So not just the band, our whole unit.

(EA) What festival are you most excited to play?

(Bryan) Coachella! And we played it, it was great.

(EA) What was the worst show that you've done so far?

(Bryan) Hard to say, it maybe one super early on because of technical difficulties.

(EA) What is your favorite song (that you have performed)?

(Bryan) Afraid or WDYWFM.

(EA) Where do you see yourselves in the future?

(Bryan) Touring on a bigger platform; growing and recording new music, possibly collaborating with musicians we respect.

(EA) Thanks for taking the time to talk to me!