Jackson Katz TED Video: Clip Should Turn Every Man Into Feminist


This article is filed under Women's Issues, but as Jackson Katz says in the TED Talk that's going viral, calling issues of sexism Women's issues is counter-productive, as it turns off men from the conversation. In fact, he says problems such as sexual violence are really men's issues. He argues these issues affect everyone, both positively and negatively. 

Katz, a white male, starts off his talk by noting that women have been doing anti-sexist work for decades, and that he is "indebted to the leadership of women." It's unfortunate, but his message may have a bigger impact because he is a male. I encourage you to watch and share this video; it's powerful and accessible. It integrates feminist ideas about privilege and equality into a larger cultural narrative about the immorality of abuse.

However, I also encourage you to seek out other feminist works made by females. I encourage men and women to take up Katz's message and be leaders by speaking out for women. As he says, it takes courage and integrity to break the silence, but it's essential for everyone, men and women.