Latest 2013 Kentucky Derby Odds

In perhaps an event that is as big as the Kentucky Derby itself, the vast amount of gambling that occurs during the Kentucky Derby is other noteworthy event that occurs. Last year over $187 million dollars was bet at Churchill Downs, the track were the Kentucky Derby takes place every year.

The 2013 Kentucky Derby promises to be no different. For our readers who are inclined to roll with the dice here are the latest odds on the various riders and horses that are completing this afternoon. Keep in mind that these odds are dynamic but they are valuable in giving an overall picture of the stature of the horses racing.

Revolutionary            5-1

Goldencents              6-1

Orb                          7-1

Normandy Invasion    7-1

Verrazano                  9-1

Itsmyluckyday            9-1

Mylute                       13-1

Overanalyze               14-1

Frac Daddy                23-1

Java’s War                 23-1

Oxbow                      22-1

Palace Malice             24-1

Charming Kitten        29-1

Will Take Charge       30-1

Golden Soul               30-1

Lines of Battle            33-1

Vyjack                       34-1

Falling Sky                 37-1

Giant Finish                38-1

Keep in mind that the odds are dynamic and will change throughout the day until the final odds are locked in. For the latest odds go to the Kentucky Derby website or you favorite sports betting website to get all the latest odds.