5 U.S. Citizenship Test Questions You'd Probably Fail


In order to become an American citizen, under current immigration law, the applicant has to answer correctly at least 6 questions out of a 10-question test on 100 facts about American history and civics. And when my American-born friends and I quizzed each other, I was shocked to learn that they didn't know some of the answers — such as:

1. What Does the Constitution Do?

My friends: "Provides freedom and the pursuit of happiness..."

USCIS: "Sets up the government, and protect the rights of Americans." 

2. Who Becomes President if the President, and Vice President, Can No Longer Serve?

My friends: "The secretary of state..."

USCIS: "The speaker of the House of Representatives."

3. How Many Amendments Does the Constitution Have?

My friends: "23, 25..."

USCIS: "Twenty-seven (27)."

4. What is Freedom of Religion?

My friends: "The right to practice your religion..."

USCIS: "The right to practice any religion or not practice any religion."

5. What Stops one Branch of Government From Becoming too Powerful?

My friends: "The Supreme Court..."

USCIS: "the separation of powers/checks and balances."

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