Watch What Got This Little Girl Almost Two Million Views On YouTube

In just a couple years, this girl has developed so much attitude, it's hard to believe she's not famous yet. Well according to YouTube, she kinda is. Her 47-second conversation with her father has collected almost 2 million views. Judge for yourself.

For pure gold, skip to 0:26 where the little girl's dad sees her struggle with her baby car seat buckle and asks: "What can I do?" to which she replies without even looking up at him: "Worry 'Bout Yourself." It only gets better at 0:45 when she yells: "Worry 'bout yourself and DRIVE."

This little girl has more spunk than all of the coolest people I know COMBINED. I'm definitely going to whip out "Worry 'Bout Yoself' more often now.

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