Zach Galifianakis 'SNL' Review: Best and Worst Of His Sketches

The one-man lone wolf-pack himself came back to host Saturday Night Live for the third time last night. Galifianakis hosted the first new SNL in three weeks since the lackluster Vince Vaughn episode.

Zach was thankfully allowed to do what he does best: non-sequiturs and his unique brand of aggressive humor. Of Monsters and Men served as Saturday's musical guest performing their songs, "Little Talks" and "Mountain Sound." As always, some sketches that stood out among the rest, in particularly the New Balance and parodies. I won’t just sit here and tell you about them, see for yourself:

1. Opening Monologue:


3. New Balance

4. Darrell's House (part I and II) 

5. Game of Game of Thrones

And of course, last night would not have been complete without a Google Glass bit. 

6. Google Glass- Weekend Update