'Glee' Season Finale: 5 Things That Need to Happen


Another school-year ends, another Glee season concludes. Thursday May 9 marks the season four finale of the popular Fox show, which many would agree isn't as strong as it was in earlier seasons.

Regardless, the season finale is sure to be exciting, and here are some things that absolutely need to happen before the program goes off the air for an entire summer.

1. Rachel needs to get the Funny Girl part for which she's auditioning

Because no one deserves it more!

2. We have to figure out what happened to Sue Sylvester 

Seriously! Is she going to return to McKinley High or continues on her exercise instructor kick? I personally think she belongs at the school, so hopefully we can see her get back to her home base before season five.

3. We have to learn who has been "Catfishing" Ryder

Because it's just not funny anymore! Put down the laptop and show yourself!

4. We have to see how Finn has been acclimating to college...

And whether he and Rachel can ever be a thing again. Hey, he did call her his "future fiance," and they were engaged for a while ... You never know!

5. Quinn needs to return, even if just for a little while

I mean, where the heck was Dianna Agron all season?! Yale can't be that cool!

What do you want to see on the finale? Let me know on Twitter: @LauraDonovanUA