Emma Watson Pixie Cut: Leave Her Hair Style Alone


I looked in the mirror and Clip, Clip, Clip, Clip.

It was too late — the hair around my ears had been cut off. I could not go back. It was too late to say anything. What was supposed to be just a cute hair cut, turned into a lobbing off 3-4 inches and a pixie cut. Now, I have always had short hair usually styled around angled bob, but to have all my hair cut off was quite a change. Fortunately most other celebrity women choose to have their hair cut. Society questions their sexuality and mental stability, but it really is just an expression of their personality.

People obsess about celebrities’ hairstyles and have developed styles from television and movie characters, such as The Rachel haircut. Miley Cyrus, Emma Watson, Anne Hathaway, and many other stars have opted to sport the pixie cut. Clearly, none of these stars are suffering from a mental breakdown nor have mental instability. Many of these women had long hair and transforming their image demonstrates beauty does not define them. They are showing society confidence and the breadth of different looks.

The other negative repercussion of pixie cuts is people equate pixies to one’s sexuality. Hairstyles should not define whether or not one is a lesbian or straight. There are many straight people with pixie cuts, just as there are many lesbians with long hair. Sexuality can be displayed in many ways and while society does have certain stereotypes, people are challenging those norms all the time.

Hairstyles should not determine one’s sexuality or mental stability. Hair is used an expression. We should stop focusing on celebrities’ hairstyles and more about their ability to act. I mean, I have a short hairstyle and I am not mentally unstable nor does it define my sexuality. I like shorter hair because it befits me. So, celebrities do not listen to society and cut your hair or keep it long.

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