Israeli Air Strikes On Syria: Why Obama Is OK With Them


While the President continues to debate retaliation for Syria's crossing of the chemical weapon "red line," Israel has taken security matters into their own hands.  

Israeli jets have been confirmed striking targets within Syria, stopping complex and advanced missiles shipments within the country (organized by Iran) from reaching Hezbollah terrorist groups. 

Syrian rebel groups have been rejoicing Israel's decisive action, while Assad's crumbling government holds meetings to discuss possible reactions to the strikes. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu oversaw the matter, while en route to his scheduled trip to China.

The strikes occurred around 3:00 a.m., shaking most of the city due to the type of missiles used — thermobaric bombs.

Activist Maath al-Shami said the strikes targeted military positions held by the Republican Guard — charged with protecting Damascus, and retaining Assad's "seat of power." Locals described the explosion as so large, it "shook the earth" beneath their feet. 

Israel has made it very clear it will not permit sophisticated weapons to leave Syria, and be supplied to terrorist factions throughout the Middle East. Iran often utilizes Syria as a channel to transfer weaponry throughout the region, and none of the neighboring countries can afford to let dangerous items escape the chaos of this ongoing bloody civil war.

Obama has shown support for Israel to act in this defensive manner, and may be spared having to do some of the heavy lifting people expect of him if Israel continues its campaign. Meanwhile, Iran condemned the Israeli attack, and offered to help train the Syrian army if Damascus seeks such assistance.