Kermit Gosnell Case: Kirsten Powers Calls Abortion Rights Movement "The NRA Of the Left"


As the Gosnell trial comes to a close, it's up to the jury to decide the fate of Kermit Gosnell, who faces over 250 charges of criminal activity, including murder. Gosnell has brought the whole issue of abortion, especially late-term abortion back into the limelight. This will keep occurring since the Supreme Court rushed to judgement in Roe v. Wade in 1973 — and we've been dealing with the cultural mess ever since. Yet, there's one liberal who's calling out the pro-aborts for who they really are, and what they're becoming: "the NRA of the left." Although, Powers just doesn't stop there in destroying the pro-abortion argument. 

Kirsten Powers' column in the Daily Beast Monday will probably anger everyone. The NRA will certainly not like the comparison, and pro-aborts will go insane, as they usually do, when someone questions their agenda. As a result, in liberal land, Powers is risking becoming a "misogynist." Nevertheless, she admits that she's a liberal, and is for more government regulation of virtually everything under the sun. But when it comes to abortion, she aptly noted that her side takes a more laissez faire approach.  

Yet, when challenged, even in heinous cases like Gosnell, Powers noted that the pro-aborts have "become the NRA of the left: unleashing their armies of supporters and lobbyists in opposition to regulations or restrictions that the majority of Americans support." Yes, pro-life Americans are once again in the majority (for now). Hence, as George Will has said before, public opinion is shiftable sand, therefore no permanent victories in democracy. This is something that my side should take note of as well.

Powers also eviscerates the notion that Gosnell's clinic, which was a licensed medical facility, was "illegal."

"The state of his clinic was well known: there were repeated complaints to government officials and even the local Planned Parenthood. He wasn’t operating under the radar but in plain sight, and he received referrals from abortion clinics up and down the East Coast," said Powers.

Also, "Gosnell was not forced to operate in the dark because of anti–abortion rights regulations. It’s the opposite: he was able to flourish — pulling in $1.8 million a year — because multiple abortion rights administrations decided that to inspect his clinic might mean limiting access to abortion. It’s all in the grand jury report."  

I commend Powers for supporting life at conception, and for calling late-term abortion legal infanticide, since that's what is truly is at its core. She aptly noted that abortions that performed that late doesn't constitute a "gray area," and "no six-months-pregnant woman is picking out names for her 'fetus.' It’s a baby." She mentions how "liberal Europe," like France, Italy, Norway, and Germany, have banned abortions after twelve weeks. Are they allies in the so-called war on women?

Some conservatives will take umbrage of Powers analogy. Baby-killing and gun rights advocacy are mutually exclusive issues, but the tactics are similar. It seems — tragically — that the left fights for legal infanticide — and while liberals can say that conservatives fight for deregulation, except for things involving the bedroom (at times I agree) — it's hardly a legitimate comparison when murder is involved. I think everyone agrees that government laws concerning the prosecution of murderous individuals is nonpartisan. Yet, both sides have their "NRAs." As with anything in politics, it's time to do battle. Let's see who wins.  

So far, it seems some pro-choicers are with us. Florida's Infants Born Alive Bill was  passed unanimously in the State's House and Senate, despite Planned Parenthood's lobbying against the law.