The Onion Hacked: What Does the Syrian Electronic Army Want?

Both the Twitter and Facebook accounts of The Onion were allegedly hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army on May 6. 

Something about The Onion being hacked feels ... off. It's not that it is totally unexpected as Twitter just recently warned its users to brace for more hacks. It's just that hacking a satirical website feels strange somehow? Here's what it looked like to Twitter and Facbeook users. 

Onion Twitter Hack:

Onion Facebook (posts have since been removed):

This was posted by the SEA as "proof" that they were responsible for the hack:

The Syrian Electronic Army is said to support President Bashar al-Assad. The group has previously claimed responsibility for the AP Twitter hack on April 23 which erroneously claimed that two explosions had hit the White House and that President Barack Obama was injured. The AP Tweet initially wiped $130 billion off of stock values. The group has also admitted to hacking the news network, CBS. The SEA claims to be fighting against what it perceives to be fabricated news stories. Their goal is to get news outlets to report what they believe is the "truth" about what is happening in Syria. The group is said to receive some technical support from Russia and are believed to have connections to the billionaire cousin of President Assad, Rami Makhlouf.