You Won't Believe What a Life-Changing Gift This Millennial Gave His Mother


Addicting Info is reporting that, on April 29, Aba Atlas, a Canadian-Ethiopian millennial who makes about $30,000 a year, withdrew his life-long savings from the bank and gave them all to his mother so she could pay off her mortgage and stop worrying once and for all about making ends meet. Atlas documented the deed in the heartwarming YouTube video "Dear Mother," which he uploaded via his IProjectAtlas page. What's more remarkable is the fact that, even with Mother's Day approaching, the gift wasn't given to celebrate the holiday — and not even to celebrate Aba's mom's birthday; Atlas paid off his mom's mortgage to celebrate his own birthday. It's usually the case that these kinds of sacrifices go from parents to children and not the other way around; certainly a surprising event that proves not all millennials can be defined as selfish and entitled.

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