Jodi Arias Verdict: Her Artwork is Guilty Of Mediocrity

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The story of Jodi Arias is the stuff of, well, I dunno where else you could find this stuff. Arias just ended a four month long trial for the murder of her longtime lover Travis Alexander. Arias initially claimed she was nowhere near the house of Alexander the day he was shot in the head, stabbed 27 times, and had his throat slit back in 2008 in Mesa, Arizona.

But over the years, Arias’ story has morphed from no involvement on her part to watching Alexander get murdered by masked thugs to fully admitting to having shot him, though through selective memory, having no memory of the stabbing, and throat slitting. Arias now claims Alexander was abusive towards her and the killing was an act of self-defense. To add to the intrigue, there was ample photographic and auditory evidence of a freaky sex life between the couple, including Little Red Riding Hood-themed role playing, bondage, anal, oral, and an act I’m too afraid to look up called the “three-holed wonder.”

For an admitted killer and confirmed freak in the bedroom (or the woods), Arias’ art is pretty dull:




You can find more of her artwork on the website, which claims proceeds from sales of her artwork will go to supporting Arias’ family during the proceedings. If you’re not a big art fan, the website also offers the option of supporting Arias with a straight up financial donation.

A separate website appears to be reselling Arias’ art that was advertised as already sold on the other website. Though this website doesn’t appear to lend financial support to Arias.

Arias herself is not peddling the art, as she is not allowed internet access from jail, though she has endorsed independent websites in 15 of her 40 tweets posted by her friend and Twitter proxy, Donavan Bering. The websites were set up after eBay banned the selling of her artwork on the site.

Arias’ pieces range from $900 to $3,000 or “best offer.”