Buford "Bucky" Rogers: FBI Disrupts Potential Domestic Terrorist Attack In Minnesota


The FBI may have thwarted a major domestic terrorism attack last week that could have killed several people. The FBI announced on Monday in a press release that they have arrested a man in Minnesota who they suspect was in the planning stages of a domestic terrorist attack.

The alleged suspect is Buford "Bucky" Rogers, 24, who was arrested in Montevideo Minnesota. According to ABC News a large group of federal, state, and local law enforcement officials raided his mobile home on Friday and, along with arresting Rogers, captured a cache of weapons including a Romanian-made AK-M rifle, Molotov cocktails, and suspected pipe bombs. Authorities warn that the investigation is still ongoing.

The FBI said in their press release:

"The FBI believes that a terror attack was disrupted by law enforcement personnel and that the lives of several local residents were potentially saved. The terror plot was discovered and subsequently thwarted through the timely analysis of intelligence and through the cooperation and coordination between the aforementioned agencies."

Rogers formed an anti-government group called the Black Snake Militia. Authorities told ABC News that that Rogers’s potential targets included local authorities. Authorities refused to confirm or deny if Rogers was allegedly planning the terrorist along or as part of a group. They also did not confirm or deny if other arrests were expected.

Anti-government militias and conspiracy-minded patriot groups have been on a rise reaching a high of 1,360 groups in 2012, according the Southern Poverty Law Center. Even more amazing is that this is the second year in a row that the record for number of anti-government militias and conspiracy minded patriot groups has been broken.

via The Southern Poverty Law Center

There are now more patriot and militia groups then at the height of the “militia movement” during the 90s under former President Bill Clinton, which saw anti-government terrorism occur such as the Oklahoma City Bombing that killed 169 people. In addition to the bombing there has been a long list of other such acts that the SPLC has kept track of on its website.

Rogers has been convicted of felony burglary in 2011 and also pleaded guilty to reckless use of a firearm in 2009. His felony status means that he was restricted from possessing a firearm. Rogers was arrested without incident and appeared in court today.

As the story develops it will hopefully come a swift resolution with no violence. In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing few want to see a repeat of that tragedy.