Benghazi Cover Up Will Drive Obama Out, Says Huckabee ... Yeah, That's Probably Not Going to Happen


Will Benghazi drive President Obama from office? That's what former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee's betting on after new evidence showed what conservatives have known for a while which is that what happened in Libya on September 11, 2012 was a terrorist attack, and the Obama administration may have enacted a cover up to provide a buffer from possible fallout during the 2012 election. Yet, I'm not convinced that it will bring this administration to its knees ... but Republicans can certainly embarrass it in the public eye.

Surely, the new developments are damaging to this administration, which seemingly brought the Democrats out of the George McGovern stigma on national security issues. Yet, with three al-Qaeda operatives involved in the attack, blaming the Youtube video which was already two months old, looks even more ridiculous. It gets even worse when then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says she wasn't involved in the "talking points process," which sunk Susan Rice's nomination to replace Clinton, when in fact she was

The White House knew this was a terrorist attack from the beginning, but winning the election seemed more important than Ambassador Chris Stevens, who died during the attack. In fact, some people's jaws "hit the floor" when the administration decided to say the attack was the result of a spontaneous protest. Also, the State Department removed any mentions of al-Qaeda from the final version of the talking points, and U.S. Special Forces were prohibited from intervening. There are questions the remain to be answered and the members of this administration are masters at stonewalling.  

I won't lie. President Obama resigning would be a very happy day, and I'm counting the days until 2016. Although there are a few things to consider: Obama has a very skilled political team, who could lessen the blow of a possible backlash from the public. Obama also has the liberal media on his side, which could dampen the impact. As mentioned above, they're good at stonewalling CBS's Sharyl Attkisson knows this rather well.  Lastly, Obama's boundless arrogance won't see this liberal elitist signing anything other than bills calling for more tax increases.

As a result, conservatives should focus solely on blocking his agenda.  To borrow a phrase from George Will, "gridlock isn't an American problem. Gridlock is an American achievement." Right now, Republican should focus on stopping Thomas Perez's nomination to be labor secretary, pressing the administration on why it's fair to add $500,000 to every American household to pay for immigration reform, and explain why should we continue with the implementation of Obamacare when it will only create a nation of part-time jobs. Stick to what's tangible.

If anything, Republicans have a good opportunity to damage the Obama's numbers on foreign policy and terrorism, which historically have been high. This Benghazi fiasco could put an end to that. While Benghazi forcing Obama from office is a pipe dream, Republicans should still get a scalp from the fallout, and that's a win at the end of the day.