Top 10 Zombie-Themed Products For An Undead Economy


Hundreds of companies, artists and other assorted creative types are cashing in on a zombie-related marketplace that 24/7 Wall Street estimated at $5.74 billion in 2011.

Here are 10 recent zombie-themed products driving the entertainment, culture, time and money-wasting phenomenon.

1. Life-sized plastic bleeding targets.

The Southern California-based Zombie Industries makes a variety of zombie targets, including a green, large-eared zombie that suspiciously resembles President Obama, a female "ex girlfriend" target which offends some by being sexist, and a terminally pissed-off looking "grey" alien. Another target, Leo Zombie "The Civilian," bears a marked resemblance to a past occupant of the Oval Office.

2. Snow Fright for the Macbook and iPad.

This zombified Snow White decal was sold on Etsy for $20. The Apple logo stands in for the "poison apple."

3. "Never Sleep Alone" duvet and sleep sets.

It's Alive Designs also sells a wide range of "hand-printed" zombie themed totes and other hand-crafted fabric items. The original king-sized duvet is $130, while a grayscale version is $150.

4. Severed tongue soap.

Three ounces of hand-crafted vegan soap scented with "Vampire Bites" oil sells for $5.75 handmade by Denise Mancuso via Etsy.

5. Dolldrums.

Dolldrums are appalling little dolls handmade by Kylie Dexter, who identifies herself as a "Doll Maker and Zombie Slayer" from Melbourne, Australia. The individual art pieces sell for $62.07 USD via Etsy.

6. Accurate blood drip bracelet and choker.

Alternative jewelers Dysfunctional Doll created adjustable thick rubber bracelets and chokers which are so popular they are frequently out of stock. The bracelet is only $9.99 when available.

7. Zombie garden gnomes.

It was only a matter of time before the undead came to a back yard near you. High quality painted concrete zombie garden gnomes range from $50 to $60.

8. Zombie Barbie.

You could probably buy your own thrift store Barbie and zombie her up with a Zippo lighter, small craft brush and red, white and black paint. Dozens of handcrafted zombie Barbie dolls are for sale on Etsy with varying degrees of skill in execution.

9. Apocalyptic eye chart.

Ripped-off all over the interwebs, the real Zombie Eye Chart is a limited edition print by graphic artist Buzz Parker, for sale via Etsy.

10. Zombie Legos.

A close look shows that two of the small figures from one of Lego's Monster Fighters' series are very much of the walking dead, brain-eating persuasion.

Bonus product:

At last. No more waiting for the ladies' room at concerts and sporting events.