Mark Sanford Election Results: Sanford Goes All In, Claims He Will Not Seek Office Again If He Loss


Mark Sanford made it clear today that this race in the South Carolina Special Election is an all or nothing affair. Making remarks to reporters on the final day of the campaign Sanford said that he would not seek office again if he fails to win today’s contest.

Sanford is in a dead heat with his opponent Elizabeth Colbert Busch according to the latest polling and has pulled out all of the stops to try to pullout what seemed like an impossible victory as little as two weeks ago.

Sanford has had no support from the National Republican Party, who dropped all support after it was revealed that he trespassed on his former wife’s property and the police were called. He also had The Post and The Courier, the major newspaper in South Carolina endorse Colbert Busch, with the editor saying,

“For the many who suffer from Sanford Fatigue — a malady caused by overexposure to all of the cringe-worthy details of his 2009 disgrace as governor, his ongoing efforts for redemption via the political process, his resurgent personal problems, etc. — Ms. Colbert Busch offers a welcome tonic.”

But despite all this Sanford has made this is final cause as his vow that this is his last election if is loses demonstrates.

Then again Sanford has broken important vows before.

A previous version of this post had misidentified The Post and The Courier as The Post and The Globe. I apologize and have corrected this.