Amanda Knox CNN Interview: Preview Of Andrew Cuomo's Exclusive Interview


Since the overturning of Amanda Knox’s 2011 exoneration by the Italian Supreme Court in March, she has been anxious about the possibility of being sent back to Italy for a retrial. The now 25 year-old says she still suffers from panic attacks and cries constantly.

In an interview with Chris Cuomo, airing 10 p.m. ET Tuesday on CNN, Knox admits that despite the evident dread she exhibits, she is considering returning for the retrial. Still, Knox’s lawyer, Carlo Dalla Vedova, is certain Knox will not be present this time and will be tried in absentia.

Asked whether she could handle the possibility of serving more time, Knox remains impressively calm and collected, stating that she is “having to handle it,” that she is “not really being given a choice.” Her ability to recognize the nature of her situation, including the media-driven scrutiny of every action she takes and emotion she displays, is somewhat admirable.

In the interview, Knox discusses the judgemental coverage of her emotional reactions to gender-based expectations of how young women are believed or assumed to respond to difficult situations. "I find it incredible that despite an absolute lack of evidence that connects me to this murder, I am still being judged based upon unrealistic and unreasonable expectations about how a young woman would react to a horrible situation," she said.

"No one knows how they would react to a horrible situation until it happens to them."

Fortunately, tonight’s interview will provide an opportunity to speak for herself in her new state of affairs, free of the malicious characteristics attributed to her over the years. With her new book having been released last week, and this CNN interview being one of her first public discussions as a free woman, we will hopefully see Knox express herself, unrestrained. Whether she will have to do so again in Italy is yet to be determined.

The one and a half hour CNN broadcast, Amanda Knox: The Unanswered Questions: A Special Interview with Chris Cuomo, airs Tuesday, May 7 at 10pm, and again at 1am ET.