Should Broncos Quarterback Tim Tebow Run For President?


While Tom Brady and Eli Manning were the super stars of Sunday’s Super Bowl, Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow still remains in the spotlight, not for his performance on the field, but for his potential future in politics.

“It could be something in my future,” Tebow said in an interview with Golf Channel’s David Feherty. “It’s something I’ll also think about and pray about.”

In the dream world (or perhaps highly optimistic future for extreme Tebow fans) of Tebow running for office — even the presidency — it would take more than a Hail Mary pass for him to actually win in a presidential election. That shouldn’t block Tebow’s political aspirations though; he has enough potential to blast a wildcard overtime throw into the air to win smaller government elections.  

Born in Makati City, Philippines, Tebow would first have to fight liberals and potentially Tea Partiers questioning his eligibility for presidential candidacy. Does Tebow count as a natural-born citizen?

Passing that roadblock, he would then have to show thorough knowledge of economics and take a fiscal stance on America’s financial future. Currently, Tebow and dollar signs rarely make it into the same sentence, except when mentioning his $250,000 bonus from the Broncos’ overtime victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL playoffs. Hearing his plans for America’s social security program or reducing the deficit would complement his already publicized compassionate side on social issues.   

Tebow’s political strengths come from his expressions of wholesome American values, such as family and community. He speaks with humility when it comes to games, but with empowerment when talking about religion and community outreach. The simplicity of his views, to pray and to give, draws both extremities of the spectrum. 

There are those that love him for giving hope and attention to religion and service, and those that fervently despise him for sharing too much of his opinion in places where it’s unwarranted.

Perhaps Tebow’s strength in self-expression is also his great flaw. He is too honest and too real; since when are politicians either of those?

While it would take some touchdowns for Tebow to reach the White House, he could succeed in local and state politics like other athletes or celebrities have. Although they received criticism for dabbling into politics, WWF wrestler Jesse Ventura successfully served as Minnesota’s governor in 1999, and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger ran California as the “Governator” for seven years.

Tebow’s journey from sports to politics might resemble that of Filipino boxer Manny Pacquaio. Despite winning countless titles internationally, Pacquaio lost his district’s election for a seat in the Phillipines’ house of representatives in 2007.

“People weren’t prepared to lose him as their boxing icon,” said Congresswoman Darlene Custodio, his opponent in that election.

Two years later, Pacquaio ran for a house of representatives seat in the Philippines again and won. His ability to juggle both his boxing career and political obligations continues to amaze.

Tebow stirs up the same kind of amazement at such an early point in his career. If his path leads to politics, he should pursue that, but for now he should stick to football. Fans aren’t ready to lose him quite yet.

Photo Credit: Jeffery Beal