South Carolina Special Election 2013 Full Results: Mark Sanford Wins Everything


The full results for the South Carolina 1st Congressional special election are in and they are a doozy. Republican Mark Sanford has beat Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch by 54.3% to 45.2% with 100% of the votes counted.

Sanford amazingly took all five counties in the district, including Beufort and Charleston, which had been predicted as Colbert Busch strongest areas. He also demolished Colbert Busch in his strongholds, beating her 61.0% to 38.4% in Berkeley county and 59.9% to 39.5% in Dorchester.

In all honesty it was an excellent performance by the Sanford campaign. They were quite possibly the only ones who truly believed that they were clearly going to win without any doubt. They proved the polls and the general wisdom wrong in a spectacular way. 

Good job Congressman Sanford.