South Carolina Election Result: Mark Sanford Victory Riles Up Twitterverse


Former governor of South Carolina Mark Sanford has won a seat in the House, beating out Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch, the sister of comedian and satirist Stephen Colbert.

Sanford, marked by a scandalous past, managed to beat all odds, leaving many to wonder if this was a case of political forgiveness or a show of unwavering political allegiance. In either case, Sanford will never be able to leave the skeletons in his closet behind. The netizens of the Twittersphere made it known with their scathing commentary on Sanford's win.

Here are the best ten currently circulating the social media discussion. 

Perhaps your day will come for you as well, Anthony Weiner. After all, where's there's hope, there's Bill Clinton's Lewinsky Affair.

Anything is possible.