Meghan McCain Twitter: Mark Sanford Election Results Prompts Online Outrage


Disgraced South-Carolina ex-governor Mark Sandford was re-elected last night, making his comeback undeniably official. After having a highly publicized extra-marital affair and charges pressed against him by his wife, many didn't expect to see him win back his seat. Meghan McCain was one of them ... Well, kinda.

Although she wrote a piece defending his right to privacy back when his affair exploded, she is now calling out the hypocrisy of conservatives that can support him but deny gays the right to marry. The argument here is that if people who are against gay marriage are concerned with preserving "family values," they should also be booting out a congressman who has publicly degraded the values that they hold so dearly. 

After Meghan McCain tweeted her dismay, the Internet exploded. Meghan McCain used Cory Booker's infamous technique and retweeted some of her trolls. 

Here are a few others we found. Regardless of the point these people were trying to make, it's interesting that many opted to degrade her body, rather than her argument.

This one was particularly low.

Cindy McCain made sure to let the twitterverse know that she stands by her daughter.

Some rightfully alluded to the fact that her father's super PAC actually donated to Mark Sandford's campaign. So wait, is Meghan McCain the one being hypocritical? 


According to this tweet from May 3, we can probably guess what Meghan McCain is doing with this controversy right now.

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