Benghazi Hearings: Opening Statments


The opening statements of the witnesses, Mark Thompson, Gregory Hicks, and Eric Nordstrom were brief.

Mark Thompson described his initial recollection of the attacks. He mentioned a foreign support team consisting of people from multiple government organization that he wanted to be deployed. He described the team as “glue” that would have linked the embassy personal with other government organization. He also pointed out that it would have taken 8 to 9 hours for the team to arrive. The team would have provided information to government organization to prevent confusion.

Gregory Hicks simply outlined his career and some of the accolades he received before and after the attack

Eric Nordstrom outlined his career, as the Regional Security Officer for Libya. He thanked the committee for their efforts to find out the timeline of the attack. Nordstrom was visibly chocked up when he described the people who died in the attack.

The committee’s question and answers with the witnesses are coming up nest.