Bengazi Testimony: Cummings Provides Context


Rep. Cummings asked Gregory Hicks about comments that he made about statement concerning a flyby. Hicks expressed the opinion that the Air force could have deployed planes in 2-3 hours to do a flyby to ward of the mortar attack

Cummings brought up testimony of the Chairmen of Joint Chiefs of Staff. They claimed it would take over 20 hours to get there, as the planes were not readied.

Hicks claimed that the he was going on numbers given by his defense attaché and did not say that the he disagreed with the Joint Chiefs.

Cummings brought up former DoD Secretary Pannetta’s testimony. Pannetta testified that it would have taken 9-12 hours for aircraft assets to be deployed

Hicks again went to what his defense attaché told him and did not disagree with former DoD Secretary’s testimony.

Cummings then noted the Republicans on the committee issued a report in the April that they cleared the DoD from any wrongdoing.