Benghazi Testimony: Mark Thompson Get Support From Chaffetz But is Grilled Under Norton


Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) asked Gregory Hicks about a military team getting delayed due to lack of authorization. Hicks answered that a team had gotten delayed.

Then Chaffetz claimed the commanders that could have given authorization were in Washington and not Stuttgart. Hicks said that he did not know that answer to that question.

Chaffetz then brought up an e-mail that Mark Thompson had received about a foreign support team. Thompson claimed that he was cut out of the loop.

Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton revealed the Mark Thompson has refused to talk any Democratic members of the committee.

She brought up that a quote that suggested counterterrorism bureau was pushed out of the loop for political reasons. Mark Thompson said that it was not pushed out for political reasons but was still pushed out of the loop.

She then brought up previous testimony that contradicted Thompson’s testimony, as it stated that part of the counterterrorism bureau was consulted on the deployment of the foreign support team.

Thompson claimed that the specific part of the bureau that was different from the one consulted should have been consulted.