Benghazi Eric Nordstrom and Gregory Hicks Questioning: Questions About Interviews and Encampments


Rep. Mica (R-Fla.) goes back to the Accountability Review Board report. He asks Mark Thompson if the ARB interviewed him. He says they did not.

Hicks was asked if he was interviewed and says he had a two hour interview. He felt the initial was incomplete but he did receive a follow-up interview.

Nordstrom was interviewed and he says that the interview was through and professional. Mica then asks him about decisions made about security of the diplomatic context and said that they were not consulted on them.

Hicks was then asked about and said that he was unable to contest these decision before the attack occurred.

Rep. Lynch (D-Mass.) fresh off a primary loss, asks Nordstrom about the lack of security at the Benghazi attack due to it being considered a temporary encampment. Nordstrom says that he agrees and that he would like to ask why it was considered a temporary encampment for so long and did not get upgraded due to being in a high threat zone.