5 Easy Steps to Creating the NEW List Stories On PolicyMic

In order to make it easier for all pundits to include diverse multimedia and create compelling and shareable stories, we've built a list story builder. This will make it faster for you to write and put together high-quality (and multi-media-filled) articles.

Here are five easy steps for using the new tool. We'd love your feedback, so please share it at feedback@policymic.com or in the comments below.

1. Go to "Write Article" In the Pundit Drop-Down

This drop-down menu should be familiar to all published pundits on PolicyMic.

2. Chose Which Type Of Article You'd Like to Write

You will now be prompted to choose which article you'd like to write: a normal article, a list article, or a live blog.

3. Fill Out Your Title, Teaser, And An Introductory Text.

The intro text goes in the body box and will appear before the list begins. You can leave this blank if you want to start immediately with a list item.

4. Add Your First List Item Below

Select an Image, Text, Gif, YouTube, or Embed option. Add a title, body text, and credits. Then click "Save" or "Add Item" to add more.

5. Re-Order Items By Dragging and Dropping

Drag and drop items in your desired order.