Mother's Day 2013: Where's the Worst Place to Be a Mother?


Save The Children has released a report just in time for Mother's Day listing the best and worst countries to be a mom. Although the Scandinavian countries dominate the top of the list, with Finland coming in first followed by Sweden and Norway, Sub-Saharan African countries form a cluster at the bottom. Congo comes in last place:  

For an industrialized nation, the United States aren't faring very well. The country ranks 30th, mostly because it has the highest infant mortality rate in the western world. Save The Children reports that "Every year here, 11,500 newborns die the same day they are born. Lack of universal health care is implicated, and it may be that the numbers will start to improve over the coming years."

Source: BBC

Another important finding from the report concerns India, a country that has experienced a financial boom but that has consistently done very little to improve maternal health. The report notes that "economic growth has been impressive but the benefits have been shared unequally." As it stands, India has the worst maternal mortality rate in the world. More than 56,000 maternal deaths occur every year. 

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