'Arrested Development' Netflix 2013 Release: What the Series Needs to Do to Be Great


Exist. Well, that's the most important thing, anyway. Anybody who's familiar with the impeccable track record of Arrested Development (zero unfunny episodes and counting) isn't afraid of some shoddy TV. Will it live up to our expectations? Maybe, maybe not. But it'll be great, even if it isn't perfection. 

The show will not be like it was before. It will not be chronological. All 15 episodes will drop simultaneously on May 26, and can be viewed in any order. They each focus on a major character, and we're supposed to go back through them when we're done to see the connections. Sounds like The Usual Suspects. So far, so good. 

All the main cast we know and love will be back. This is important not just for a complete collage but also for the most gif-able show of all time. See below. 

The first clip to come out is hilarious. 

The original writers are all writing. Another good sign. 

Netflix's track record so far on original content is stellar. We all remember House of Cards. This would indicate Netflix will be kind to AD and not limit them, as Fox was known to do. In case you disagree with that statement, remember who canceled Arrested Development

At the end of the day, there's always more good content that can come from Arrested Development, just like there's always money in the banana stand

1. In conclusion, no viewer will feel this way.

2. Or this way.

3. Or this way.

4. We will all feel this way.