Jon Stewart Expertly Explains Why Benghazi is a Failed Conspiracy Theory


The relentless outrage of Republicans/Fox News over the Obama administration's supposed cover-up of the September 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi continued yesterday during a House Oversight Committee hearing. But despite repeated claims by Fox that there has been a government conspiracy, and repeated claims that fresh hearings will expose the whole cover up, no such conspiracy has been exposed. Because there isn't one. As Wisconsin Democrat Rep. Mark Pocan wryly remarked during yesterday's hearing, "I don’t think there’s a smoking gun today. I don’t think there’s even a lukewarm slingshot."

While previous hearings and reviews of the incident found the Obama administration's response to have been tragically incompetent, there has been no evidence of a cover up or conspiracy. And yet the selective outrage of Republicans and Fox News has continued. Apparently the Obama administration's cover up is bigger than Watergate multiplied by the Iran-Contra scandal, times 10.

As he does so well, on Wednesday night Jon Stewart highlighted the ridiculousness of Republican and Fox News hyperbole over the issue, explaining how "Republicans and Fox News are outraged at a supposed cover-up that they can’t prove or explain, and are equally outraged that no one else is outraged." 

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