Feminist Weekly: Colleges Confront Rape, Women and Fair Wages, What's a Justice Feminist?


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Highlights This Week:

Despite the millennial hateration (and holleration) from TIME, I’m feeling great about what PolicyMic’s writing community has accomplished so far this month!

The writers in our Feminist Writing Skillshare have started off strong, with articles on getting the perfect bikini body by ignoring the BS and putting a bikini on your body, the ongoing argument over Eve Ensler and indigenous women in Canada, the New York Times’ “confusion” over sex vs. rape, and much more

A heads-up to all our Pundits: Our amazing tech team has rolled out a feature which will make list stories easier than ever. Check out Lead Developer Anthony Sessa’s article on how to use this new tool! I personally am very excited to GIF it up faster than ever. Tell Anthony and the tech team what you think on Twitter: @Anthony_Sessa

Finally, your friendly neighborhood editor put together this story for the Skillshare that I think will help you all with your own pieces: “10 Ways to Master Writing For the Web.” Have a suggestion for Tip #11? Let me know on Twitter: @sameier12

Al Jazeera’s round up of coverage on the backlash to an offensive ‘ex-girlfriend’ zombie shooting target — one of a few targets from Zombie Industries which drew ire at a recent NRA convention — expands on Liz Plank’s piece, with a Tweet from none other than fellow PolicyMic writer Johnathen Duran. Check out all the people who are #NotBuyingIt!

Yumi Araki’s original interview with Abigail Harrison, the amazing 15-year-old girl who will likely be the first astronaut on Mars, got picked up by both Jezebel and Real Clear Science.

Feministing highlights brand-new PolicyMic Pundit Amy McCarthy’s story on rapper Danny Brown’s onstage sexual assault.

In March, Pundit Carmen Rios and her friend Connor Clancy asked the National Federation of State High School Associations to offer a course to coaches each year focused on sexual assault prevention. The #EducateCoaches campaign with SPARK Movement now announces a huge success: The NFHS will work with SPARK and others to engage more than 80,000 coaches at 18,500 schools, galvanizing 11 million students in the fight against sexual assault. Great work, Carmen! Check out the article here, and congratulate her on Twitter: @c_rios

What did you do last week? I’ll share any outstanding writing achievements in our community, and highlight the great work that all of our Pundits do offline as well. If you have anything you’d like for me to include about yourself or a fellow PM writer, please send it along!

Must Reads From Last Week: 

Biden is Sticking Up For D.C. Voting Rights, and We’re Lucky He’s Doing It (Carly Pildis, @CarlyPildis) — Thank you, Biden, for making more Americans aware of the gross inequality we are facing in D.C., and for voicing your support for voting rights for every American.

Energy Investor Bill Powers Discusses Looming Shale Gas Bubble (Steve Horn, @Steve_Horn1022) — Energy investor Bill Powers posits a looming shale gas bubble could lead to a domestic gas crisis akin to the one faced in the 1970s.

“Know Your IX” is Holding Colleges Accountable For Covering Up Rape (Alison Tanner, @FDubDub) — Do you know your Title IX rights? If not, these college activists have a message for you.

It’s Official: The Irish Catholic Church Opposes  Abortion Even When the Mother’s Life is In Danger (Swathi Nallapa, @snallapa) — Ireland offers the world a glimpse of what can happen when we begin to blur the line separating church and state.

Minimum Wage Increase is Good For Women and the Economy (Genia Castro, @genia_castro) — Women make up nearly two-thirds of all minimum wage workers, and 40% of women are the primary breadwinners for their households. The minimum wage IS a women's issue.

Does Feminism Have a Race Problem? (Bridget Todd, @BridgetMarie) — In response to critiques to feminism's lack of spaces for diversity and intersectionality, writer Loretta J. Ross is branding herself as a "justice feminism." But what exactly is this?

If You Care About Workers, Boycott the Gap Or Primark, Not Bangladesh (Aubrey Bloomfield, @aubbloomfield) — In the wake of the Rana Plaza collapse, rather than a blanket boycott of Bangladesh products, consumers should selectively target a handful of international retailers.

10 Powerful Representations Of Immigrants in Pop Culture (Johnathen Duran, @JohnathenDD) — A look at the history of powerful images and ideas associated with immigration throughout history. How do you see immigrants? Could one of these be coloring your view?

Why Do Summer Blockbusters Ignore Women? (Melissa Hugel, @mellyhugs) — The lack of female-driven action films has always been apparent, and with the success of "The Avengers" and a Justice League film in the works, when will the women have their turn?

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