Kristen Wiig 'SNL' Return: 4 Classic Characters She Should Play


Rejoice, comedy fans, because this weekend, NBC’s Saturday Night Live is bringing back Kristen Wiig to host. This 6-month absence from the sketch series was short lived, considering her 7-year run as a cast member. Yet still, for fans of the actress and writer, it feels like and eternity since her brand of strange humor graced Studio 8H with its presence and the accompanying room-shaking laughter.

There is no doubt she will be treated with plenty of sketches to shine in. Only she and her cohorts on the show know what topical points she will take part in mocking, odds are there will be many. However, the cast and crew of SNL do know some shame, so unfortunately they cannot bring back every classic sketch series that the Wiig took part in, because those sketches would make up the bulk of the show, and everyone would be labeled self-plagiarizing hacks. Still, as is the wont of SNL, there are bound to be a vintage sketches from the past that get the re-up, look no further than space below to see the ones that are most likely to make a triumphant return.

1. The Target Lady

Shoppers everywhere will be delighted to see Wiig assume her red apron and her throaty Midwestern accent, and get behind the register for some oddball funnies. She will mis-pronounce words, she will creep out men in her aisle, and she will do her damnest to appreciate the stores’ goods more than the customers who are trying to buy them. Who knows, maybe a celebrity might make an appearance at the famed big box store?

2. The Californians

This re-occuring bit is less than two years old, but has already been done four times. SNL simply cannot resist going in again and again on the formulaic parody of a soap opera, set somewhere in the Golden State. And why not? Cast members and writers like Wiig herself spent time on their careers in LA, drinking in the silliness of the people around them, and seem to have bottomless jokes at California’s expense. Let’s just hope the next session prominently features Wiig, and will move like a breeze off the ocean, rather than a cluster of cars on the 5, brah. 

3. Gilly

Former member Will Forte and Wiig trade close ups in a classroom setting, and unproductive chaos ensues, thanks to the Wiig’s Gilly, the shy enfant terrible. Much like The Californians, people will know the how funny bits go as they happen, but much like a treasured song at a popular band’s concert they’ll just happily sing along. Here’s hoping Forte returns to play the tenor to Wiig’s soft soprano:

“Gilly?” “…” “…Gillyyyyyy…..?” “….what?” “…mmmmmGillyyyyyyy…” “…….sorry”

4. The Lawrence Welk Show

If any re-occuring sketch can be considered the most Wiigian, surely this one is the top candidate. This sketch is basically an old-fashioned talk show song about three lovely sisters, ruined perpetually by Wiig’s small hands and large forehead-having girl. There is nothing more to say, except that this bit so damned weird. What's not to love?