6 Greatest Cosmo Magazine Cover Parodies

Ah, Cosmopolitan. Bastion of bizarre sex tips and questionable relationship advice, its headlines are a study in fueling women's insecurities, and its pages a distillation of the most unforgiving female beauty standards our media has to offer.

But if Cosmo is good for anything, it's that its over-the-top covers lend themselves to satire and mockery as few publications do. Enjoy a sample of the most hilarious parodies the internet can provide.

1. The Cosmarxpolitan

If Marxists capitalized (if you will) on their mainstream publishing potential, it might look a lot like this. (Though it's almost impossible to pick a best cover from the Cosmarxpolitan tumblr.)

2. The Inner Beauty Issue

If only real-life Cosmo were so empowering. 

3. If Cosmo Headlines Were Honest

... they'd probably look a lot like this faux cover that went viral in summer of 2011. 

4. The Vintage Issue

OK this issue — styled after the Cosmo of the 70s and 80s — actually looks pretty useful. A notoriously not-so-graceful eater, I support any quiz that helps me easily determine the condiment status of my hair.

5. The Jane Austen

It is a truth universally acknowledged that even 18th century ladies needed a handbook on how to score.

6. The Catmopolitan

Hypersexualization and crippling body guilt aren't just for humans anymore.