7 Ways Elizabeth Warren Has Been An Awesome Senator So Far


 You think Elizabeth Warren was elected and went soft like the rest of Washington?

Think again.

Elizabeth Warren has been in office for just over four months now. Even though she hasn't been a Senator for a long time, she has had a kick ass start.

1. She's fighting for students first.

Her first bill, the Bank on Students Loan Fairness Act, fights for students. And it makes complete sense. Watch as Senator Warren slays the floor with logic.


Try not voting for that, Senators, and see how your reelection turns out. BAM.

2. She's fighting for the people, not the banks.

Senator Elizabeth Warren has been fighting for the people, not the banks, from the very start. No, banks are not people. She's basically our shining knight in armour, except she's wearing a red jacket and her signature blonde 'do.

3. Like, actually, though. She's not afraid to confront supposed regulators.

Before she was elected, Lizzy, as we call her, said this on The Daily Show...

Not anymore, thanks to her!

4. She hasn't succumbed to Washington's flaws.

After Senate passed a very mild filibuster reform deal (if you can even call it that), Sen. Warren wrote a blog post on her website. This was just 20 days after she became a Senator.

In the blog, Sen. Warren said she was disappointed with the deal because it wasn't as aggressive as necessary.

Then, she gave us hope.

"But some change is better than no change at all. If my new colleagues can compromise to reduce the use of the filibuster, even just a little, then it's a step forward.

I'm new to the Senate, but I'm not naive. What happens if the new filibuster deal doesn't work? What if the Republicans go straight back to the same playbook?

Then we keep on fighting for more changes until we get it right. This vote shows that we need to remain vigilant, we need to work hard, and we need to stand strong for what we believe in. We got some change, and we're not giving up.

I want you to know that your participation made a difference. Without you — and thousands of other people — we'd have nothing and no hope for ending the gridlock. Now we have something, and we're staying on high alert for what comes next."

She won't accept that more change isn't possible. Is she not, just, wonderful?

5. She will ask anyone the questions that need to be asked.

Sen. Warren wasn't happy the FDA had few answers in regards to the outbreak that that killed 53 and sickened 700 from tainted pharmaceuticals. She's not just fighting for the people's money and education, but also our health.

Good thing she's on the Senate Banking Committee and Senate Committee for Health, Education, Labor and Pensions.

6. She denounced the sequester.

Lizzy slammed the sequester that made billions in irresponsible across-the-board cuts. She said the sequester is "just plain dumb." She's even a co-sponsor of the Job Preservation and Sequester Replacement Act, which repeals the sequester and calls for an increase in revenue by way of corporations and the super-wealthy paying their fair share. The bill implements the Buffett Rule, which increases taxes on incomes of more than $1 million annually. Seven out of 10 Americans support the Buffett Rule. Listen to Lizzy, people.

7. She's reaching across the aisle like a champ.

Sen. Warren proposed legislation along with a fellow democrat and two republicans that began efforts for needed government-sponsored enterprise (GSE) reform. The legislation prevents the "government from using guarantee fee hikes at Fannie and Freddie to pay for other spending initiatives, or selling GSE preferred shares owned by the Treasury, without completing GSE reform first."

And Scott Brown (what happened to him, by the way?) said she wouldn't be able to work with Senate Republicans ...

Clearly, Elizabeth Warren has done a fantastic job during her four months as Senator. I can't wait to see her up there fighting for us in those colorful blazers on Capitol Hill more.