7 Clear Examples Where Republicans Sabotaged Women to Hurt Obama


It's pretty clear that a lot of Republicans are out for President Barack Obama's blood.

So much that talk about getting him impeached for the 2012 Benghazi has been brought to the spotlight by former governor Mike Huckabee. The essence of GOP's issues with Obama were aptly summarized in an article posted in the Hill. According to Senator Tom Toomey, the gun background check bill did not pass in Senate because Republican senators couldn't stand to see an Obama-supported bill succeed. Pettiness on the behalf of Republicans have resulted in blockades by the party meant to inhibit the president and his administration at any cost.

Here are the seven (ridiculous) GOP blocks. 

1. Gina McCarthy

Senate Republicans have boycotted and effectively blocked a committee vote that would have sent McCarthy's nomination to the full Senate for a vote on Thursday. They demand that more information not be given on McCarthy, but on the workings of the EPA itself. As a result, Democrats have cried obstructionism on Republican shenanigans. They've already asked McCarthy alone more than 1,000 questions. 

2. Caitlin Halligan

Senate Republicans struck again when they filibustered to prevent Caitlin Halligan from being appointed to the Circut Court of Appeals in D.C. although she had majority support. There was also the fact that she was anti-gun which always touches a nerve with the pro-gun right.

3. Susan Rice

We know all about Susan Rice, don't we? Her name was dragged through the mud by Republicans right and left during the Benghazi scandal. So much that she had to say goodbye to her nomination as an ambassador to the U.N. The GOP was hellbent on making sure Rice never had a chance. 

4. Elizabeth Warren

Republicans didn't want Elizabeth Warren having any part in leading the commission she helped create, the  Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Obama was asked to make a recess appointment for Warren but in return Republicans all but promised threatened to use the "pro forma" measure to stop that from happening. 

5. Equal Pay Bill

A bill, Paycheck Fairness Act, that would have helped women fight against the merits of unequal pay in lawsuits, was shot down by Senate Republicans, just as it had been shut down in the past more than once. 

"It is incredibly disappointing that in this make-or-break moment for the middle class, Senate Republicans put partisan politics ahead of American women and their families," Obama had said in the New York Times on the matter.

6. Abortion Access For Raped Female Military Members

Rape and sexual assault in the military is a topic currently at the forefront of media attention. But just last year, House Republicans banded together to oppose a bill that would have expanded abortion services for women in the military that had been raped, despite the bill having bipartisan support in the Senate.

7. The Violence Against Women Act

The VAWA bill, originally brought onto the political scene by Vice President Joe Biden, was another piece of legislation that found itself caught in trouble by Republicans. Two versions of the bill found themselves butting heads, which threatened to nix the bill altogether. But this fight found a happy ending, as it was eventually passed after the GOP relented.