10 Plus Size Models That Don't Look Plus Size At All

This week, both H&M and Elle Québec received lots of praise for their bold and deliberate use of plus-size models in their campaigns.  

Some are speculating that the actions of these big players suggest a tidal change in the fashion world. Sure, seeing plus-size models climb their way to into the mainstream is wonderful news, but has anyone actually looked at the industry's definition of "plus-size?" In the U.S., any model that's over a size 6, is considered plus-size.

Since the average size of the American woman is a size 12-14, then why are we calling women half their weight "plus-size"? Need proof? Take a look at these ten suposedly plus-size models. Do you think these women belong in this category?

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1. Brianna Harrington

2. Robyn Lawley

3. Bella Allan

4. Laura Baldwin

5. Kate Dillion

6. Any of These Plus-Size Models That Went On The Ellen Show

7. Katie Green

8. Lindsay Brown

9. Connie

10. Stephanie Shiu