'Revenge' Season 2 Finale: Yes, Guys, Emily Thorne is Still Seeking Revenge


The Revenge season two finale will air Sunday evening. This season has been full of crazy plot twists and enough soapy drama to make many viewers question what happened to the series. Last year, Revenge had major buzz and momentum.

It was heralded as television's return to the nighttime soap. But not just a frothy soap, but a drama with focus. However, even with the departure of show runner Mike Kelly, the show has been renewed for a third season. Now here is what we can look for in the finale.

Last week's episode titled "Engagement" caused Tara Fowler from Entertainment Weekly to say, "Sure, the show derailed this year. But if this week's episode is even a taste of what we're in store for next week, then count me in." So maybe Revenge has returned to form.

Daniel and Emily got re-engaged in this episode. Conrad Grayson thought about relinquishing control of Nolcorp, the all important company that holds the key to the Grayson's demise. The goal is bankrupting the Graysons. There is no sweeter revenge than causing the richest of people to lose everything. And after what the Graysons did to Emily Thorne, revenge is still fresh on her mind.

However, going into the finale, it looks as though the audience is in for some major surprises. After the shocking death of Takeda, the pregnancy announcement by Charlotte, and intentional emptying of the Grayson's bank accounts by Nolan and Aiden, the finale can only come to an explosive conclusion.

The finale cannot come too soon. It has been two long, arduous years and Emily Thorne is still seeking revenge. Saying it's been a long road is an understatement.

To imply Revenge is finished is to sell the series short. The superb acting of Emily VanCamp, Madeleine Stowe as the evil Victoria Grayson, and Gabriel Mann as Nolan has given the series it's crackle. Next season, the show has cards to play.

Gabriel Mann revealed five spoilers, in non-specific terms, for the major 2-hour Sunday finale. First, a major character will die, one that is central to the show. Conrad Grayson is the character who is speculated to bite the dust in the finale.

But at this point, this is still speculation. A major mystery will be solved that will lead the show into season three. Nolan and Victoria will spend a great deal of time together in the finale. This is salacious information in itself. Another character will prove himself or herself to be evil to the core. Victoria comes to mind first, but she has already proven her wickedness. 

For Revenge fans out there, the hope is that the show can regain its footing and become as engaging as it was last season. Every series hits a wall at some point. Here's hoping Revenge will pull itself out of its slump and return to form for a third season.