Mother's Day 2013: 10 Last Minute Gifts For Millennial Moms


Sixty-eight percent of all babies are now born to millennial moms, and millennials spend 14% more time per week on mobile devices than other generations and are more likely to shop on their smartphones. 

Millennial moms are all about sharing their lives, photos, and special occasions. But moms are "always-on" and Mother's Day provides an opportunity to honor her with a gift that will help her power down for just a little while. All of these suggestions are available NOW (most of them can be ordered online).

1. Time

Millennial moms feel they have lost time because of parenting. Give her gift certificates for free babysitting. Team up with a friend; one babysits while the other takes her out to lunch. 

2. Maid service

It's exhausting to have young kids in the house and millennials have the most exhausting kind - the little ones. Seventy percent of millennial moms say that most of their free time is taken up by kids' activities.

3. Post a flattering picture of her on Facebook and publicly wish her a "Happy Mother's Day." 

In your message, remind her that she is loved because she is more than a mom — a good friend, spouse, executive or whatever helps her define her whole self. The "likes" will make her day, too.

4. Gift cards

A growing number of new moms are not married. That generally equates with lower income and greater need for the basics. Gift cards from supermarkets and stores with family supplies will be much appreciated. Don't forget data plan dough; in 2011, Americans spent more than $100 per month on smart phones. Most data plan providers offer gift certificates (AT&T, Verizon).

5. Music

Send her an album to download, or pick out a special collection of singles. Music is a wonderful way to relax, and most millennial moms have ear buds and a device to play it.

6. Apps 

Millennial moms organize their life with electronic tools (most often a smart phone). Give her the gift of some apps that are useful but might not be free or in her budget. Spend time showing her how you use them.

7. Pinterest presents 

Check her Pinterest board for ideas such as favorite sweets, meals or home decorating items she pines for. Surprise her with something she didn't ask for. Make a quick online order, print a picture of it and give her the IOU in a sweet card that you can also download and print.

8. Memberships to museums, national parks, and gardens usually include free admission and sometimes gift shop discounts. 

They can push a stressed out mom to get away and do something for herself.

9. Spa gift certificates for massages, facials, manicures, and pedicures can give a busy mom a needed break; don't forget to combine it with the babysitting time she may need to take advantage of it. 

10. Membership in an e-card service

Moms like to communicate via their smartphones. Jacquie Lawson has unlimited beautiful animated e-cards for an inexpensive annual membership.

Most important of all, remember your millennial moms. They deserve your special thanks and a gift that speaks to their interests.