Nokia Lumia: Ed Sheeran Does Private NYC Concert to Promote Innovative Smartphone


I've never really appreciated concerts, perhaps because I've always associated them with high school students pretending to be drunk off a single bottle of beer, but British singer Ed Sheeran wiped away all my preconceived notions and lukewarm feelings during his private NYC show at The Box to promote the Nokia Lumia, the service provider's new production that puts every single smartphone on the market to shame. Yes: Every.Single.One.

Sheeran, who made news earlier this year for collaborating with pop powerhouse Taylor Swift on a song, took a snapshot of the intimate yet cheerful crowd with a Nokia Lumia during the event, which started at 7 p.m. so the handful of attendees could play around with their free phones and glowsticks well before the singer's arrival. He later shared the photo on Twitter. See if you can spot me in the crowd:

The phone debuted last fall and doesn't have a large presence in the United States yet, but contains features that makes the iPhone seem obsolete. For starters, the Lumia has wireless charging capability, and I don't know about you, but I've been saying this is absolutely necessary for years:

Photo: Nokia

The phone has moving images on the screen, giving it somewhat of a TV screen vibe, as well as streaming music. You can decide how large or small the apps appear on your phone along with their placement. It carries many popular apps, and although it doesn't offer Instagram (a major downside for now, if you ask me), you can download another app that allows you to access your Instagram account on the phone. 

The phone's specialty flash gives users solid, clear pictures even in the dark, which made photo-taking at the Sheeran concert easy and enjoyable, especially with so many filter options. The phone also puts all of your contacts' information in one place so all their updates — Facebook posts, tweets, Instagram photos, texts, etc., — go in one place. That way, you don't have to open up their Twitter page, Facebook page, etc., separately. Everything is in one spot, and who knows: Maybe that will lead you to spend less time on your phone, even if it's as cool as this one is.

The show was treated like a red carpet event, and even I got my own special photo taken by a Nokia backdrop:

How do you like my glowstick?

Sheeran himself enjoying playing with and talking about the phone throughout the show, and it allowed him to connect with the tiny audience. The artist asked people to chant his songs, although he added that he wouldn't be offended by those who weren't up to the challenge (this guy!).

Not like I could have contributed much to his performance. Sheeran sang without the microphone more than once, crooned Macklemore's masterpiece "Thrift Shop," and didn't miss a single beat when he belted out his powerful, relatable, fast-paced song, "You Need Me, I Don't Need You":

The night felt like a huge success for everyone, and I wouldn't normally say that about concerts, which leave me feeling like a teenager more often than not. Three big time Sheeran fans had the chance to sit up front and watch him up close and personal, attendees went home with one of the most high-tech phones around, and the whole house was treated to a strong show by an effortlessly talented singer, whose pipes and personality could sell you on the phone, even though the Nokia Lumia doesn't need celebrity endorsements.

Given the Nokia Lumia's capabilities, it's only a matter of time before the iPhone, the Android, and other popular mobile devices acknowledge the new competition in the States. I say this as a proud iPhone owner: Watch your back, Apple, because the Nokia Lumia is ten steps ahead of you.

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