Mother's Day 2013: 5 Important Things to Remember This Holiday


Happy Mother's Day, the day most of us either receive or send cards or flowers or long distance calls. Mother's Day is the most remembered day in the year for a mother. A child may forget his/her mother's birthday, but it is difficult not to remember Mother's Day, thanks to advertisements for gifts on every screen. Whenever you read about ways to show your love on Mother's Day, remember there are other ways to express your love than spending money. 

1. Motherhood is a choice

When people write songs or books in praise of motherhood, they cherish the best qualities in humankind — unreserved, unselfish, and unconditional love and care. Mothers often represent constant and uncomplaining sacrifice for children. However, let's remember that motherhood is one of the most important roles a woman can play in her life. It is one of the most important decisions she will ever make. Let us remember motherhood is a choice that a woman makes when she thinks she is ready physically, emotionally and psychologically. It should not be the consequence of an accident or rape. It should not be imposed upon her against her will.

2. Make the world a better place for Mom

As we honor motherhood and remember all the qualities we identify in our mothers, let us remember there are still many places in the world where mothers cannot afford adequate prenatal care and health care, and where many infants are unable to survive their first year. Let us also remember the thousands of mothers who are victims of domestic violence in this country, which is one reason we needed to extend the Violence Against

3. Motherhood is a blessing

Even if motherhood requires strong maternal instincts and 24 hours of patience and

The bonding between a mother and her biological child is a natural bond. It is against human nature trying to cut this bond against a mother's will. It is also unfair and chauvinistic to penalize single mothers by calling their unmarried status a "contributing factor in child abuse and neglect." The way to assist the low-income mothers is to provide, as most developed countries do, daycare for their children.

4. Mothers are the first teachers

Mothers not only give us life, they also teach us our first words and give us our first important lessons in life, the foundations of a person's character and strength. The lessons a mother teaches her child will exert lifelong effects on her child. Let's remember this important role and remember to provide to the next generation the best lessons for their lives.

5. Unfit mothers can be dangerous

Finally, beautiful as it is, motherhood is not for every woman. Let's not forget people like Susan Smith and Casey Anthony. Let us remember adoption is not abandonment. Sometimes, adoption might be the best option for both you and your child, if you think yourself unfit to be a mom.

Motherhood is a choice, mothering is a blessing that no one should be denied of, and mothers provide the first teachers for every generation.