Mother's Day 2013: 5 Most Influential "Moms-in-Chief"


In honor of the day that celebrates the women who brought us into the world (and possibly even the men who who have taken on that mother role), let's have a look at five of the most influential "Moms-in-Chief."

1. Sandra Day O'Connor

Sandra has three sons: Scott, Brian, and Jay O'Connor.

2. Sarah Palin

Palin has two sons, Trig and Track and three daughters, Willow, Piper, and Bristol.

3. Michele Bachmann


Known for mentioning having opened up her home to 23 foster kids, it would be crazy to leave Michele Bachmann off of this list. She has five children of her own: Lucas, Harrison, Elisa, Caroline and Sophia Bachmann.

4. Hillary Clinton

Clinton has one daughter, Chelsea Clinton, who has made some moves of her own in the political arena.

5. Michelle Obama

Perhaps the most well known Mom-in-Chief is First Lady Obama. Her daughters are Natasha (also known as Sasha) and Malia Obama.

Happy Mother's Day to the politicians who double as mothers, and to all the other moms out there who do their best to raise decent human beings.