Mother's Day 2013: 10 Things Our Moms Taught Us


Mother's Day tends to bring back all of those little things our mom's did for us as a kid. It's a day where we appreciate mother's around the world, not just biological ones but those individuals who have nurtured us and cared for us. Whoever you call "mom," here's a list for all occasions on this Mother's Day. 

1. There's never a good time for photos.

Really, not ever. 

2. Book time trumps all other time. Period.

From bedtime stories to stories any time of the day, reading books with the person we called mom was generally a pretty amazing experience. 

3. Daily affirmations are important.

We were encouraged to play in front of the mirror, regardless of the weird crap we would say to it.

4. Pretend to be impressed.

The amount of times we dragged our mom's outside, inside, to the park, wherever to watch the "brand new trick we can do." Only to have it be a jump, a hop, or going down the slide 30 consecutive times, our mom's always pretended to care. 

5. Express yourself.

My mom always encouraged me to explore who I wanted to be, though that generally manifested itself in photos like this one.

6. Cheering is a sport in and of itself.

7. The best advice isn't always the nicest.

Sometimes what we need to hear and what we want to hear are two different things. Mom's are masters in this.

8. Fashion.

9. Love all of your children equally.

Even if everyone knows that you have a favorite. 

10. Unique Mother's Day Gifts Are Important

Perhaps this is too unique?

No matter who you call 'mom' be sure to let them know you are thinking about them today. Love you, Mom!