'Mad Men' TV Show: 5 Don Draper Quotes That Prove Love Doesn't Exist


Perfectly tailored suits, cocktails and cigarettes aplenty, and an endless list of beautiful lovers. That pretty much sums up the life of our favorite protagonist from Mad Men, Don Draper. But wait, how does Don get away with it all? Simple: don’t get attached to anything because love does not exist. Here are five Draperisms to prove it.

So before you endure your next heart break or profess your love to someone, just think to yourself: What Would Don Say?

*Draperism: A quote by Don Draper that embodies his life philosophies.

1. Love Defined By Yours Truly

 “What you call love was invented by guys like me, to sell nylons. You're born alone and you die alone and this world just drops a bunch of rules on top of you to make you forget those facts.”

2. How to Breakup With Someone

“Get out of here and move forward. This never happened. It will shock you how much it never happened.”

3. We Only Believe in Love When We Are Kids Because We Don’t Know Any Better

"Nostalgia — it's delicate, but potent. Teddy told me that in Greek, 'nostalgia' literally means 'the pain from an old wound.' It's a twinge in your heart far more powerful than memory alone. This device isn't a spaceship, it's a time machine. It goes backwards, and forwards... it takes us to a place where we ache to go again. It's not called the wheel, it's called the carousel. It let's us travel the way a child travels   — around and around, and back home again, to a place where we know are loved."

4. But Isn’t Love a Normal Convention Of Society?

 "I hate to break it to you but there is no big lie. There is no system. The universe is indifferent."

5. Betty Draper: What Would You Do If You Were Me? Would You Love You?

"I was surprised that you ever loved me."