Euro Crisis 2013: Rise Of UKIP Party Fuels Talks Of "Brexit" in the UK


The recent euro crisis has brought Southern Europe to its knees, though many still are of the opinion that it will not result in the collapse of the European Union in its entirety. What they do not comprehend is that national sovereignty is on the rebound, and with the rise of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), it is becoming evident that the Europhiles in Brussels and Strasbourg are on the edge of a cliff — and it's only a matter of time before they get shoved off. This may in turn result in a violent revolution against the corporatists who have exploited the nation states in an aim to centralize power and capital within an entity that claims not be a state, yet has the ability to impose legislation on all 27 nations that are a part of the monolithic organization.

On May 2, UKIP took 23% of the vote in the 2013 County Council Elections, which are held every four years. Now many would say this is irrelevant, and just a protest vote, though it most definitely is not, considering the fact that UKIP only took 3% of the vote the last time these elections were held for more than 2,300 seats. The Liberal Democrats, who are the most Europhile political party in the UK, saw their vote halved from 28% to 14%, whereas the Tories went from 38% down to 25%, and Labour went from 23% up to 29% — which is rather pathetic for the official opposition. These results show that UKIP is by far the most rapidly growing political party, and even though they have yet to elect a member of Parliament, they are on track to win the 2014 EU election in the UK, after coming second in ahead of the then governing Labour Party, and third in 2004, and will elect members to Westminster if the present trend continues.

The reason that UKIP will bring about the demise of the EU if the euro does not first collapse, is directly due to their demand of an in/out referendum on EU membership, which opinion polls show will result in the UK leaving the European Union. With the second most productive country in the EU pulling out, the Germans will no longer have the will to continue bailing out Southern and Eastern Europe. As of late, high profile Tory politicians have come out in favor of an in/out referendum, and Ten Tory MPs are in talks with UKIP about defecting. Not only is Prime Minister David Cameron on the verge of complete and utter defeat in the next election, but the EU is damned as well. The European political elite is in complete and utter panic, and until it is recognized that the Hon. Nigel Farage and his Kippers are the future, the political elite will be as clueless as ever to how they have walked into a trap that they alone created, and are entirely responsible for, and that's the Euro.