9 Super Embarrassing YouTube Attempts to Get Into College


Ah, the college acceptance letter. It's an envelope we both can't wait to receive and dread at the same time. Millions of high school students have already received their college acceptance letters, but there are still many among us who are put into the dreaded category of "waitlisted." Some colleges, like Notre Dame, have been known to put as many as 2,000 students on their waitlist. Out of those 2,000, only 86 students are eventually successful in enrolling. Waitlisting is a purgatory which you cannot escape from nor control, but that doesn't stop some students from trying. These nine students shows us how NOT to try and convince schools to un-waitlist you. 

1. Dream-School: Evan Frazier and the College Prowlers

It's like the worst episode of The Wonder Years you'll ever see.

2. Off the Waitlist: R&B Song, Franklin & Marshall College

Complete with lyrics so you and your friends can sing along.

3. Michigan, give me one more chance! (I Want You Back cover)

Best cover song or bestest cover song?

4. Columbia Waitlist - Phil Grossman

A 4-and-a-half minute video of a dude in a green robe.

5. Dear Harvard- Grace Oberhofer

Another person singing to the school they were waitlisted from. Why do people think this works?

6. Oberlin Waitlist Supplement: Please admit me :)

A video by Sage talking about all the cool stuff Sage has done. I can't believe someone named "Sage" wouldn't automatically be admitted into Oberlin. 

7. Occidental College! Please Take Me Off the Waitlist!

The music for this video was taken from every political campaign commercial you've ever seen. 

8. Appeal to Pomona

I don't even know what is happening in this video.

9. Davidson Waitlist Video

Sarah enlisted 300 of her peers to help make this video. 300 peers and not one of them told her this was a terrible idea? Some friends ...