New Pundit Chelsea Dias Thinks Millennials Need Better Access to Capitol Hill. Do You?


Earlier this month, PolicyMic launched its first city-based recruiting challenge, and set out to find 100 new writers who live, work or go to school in the D.C. area. PolicyMic has an incredible community of active members in our nation's capital and we want to offer new pundits the chance to engage with their peers. 

New writers will have the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of digital media, get experience composing viral content, and work directly with an editor to receive feedback on their writing and to help promote their work. Participants will also join an elite and growing network of PolicyMic pundits in D.C. and gain access to happy hours and other off-line events in the city.

As part of the application process, we asked you to explain one thing you would change about our nation's capital. New PolicyMic pundit Chelsea Dias shared the importance of individuals having easier access to White House tours, Supreme Court hearings, and Capitol Hill tours. 

Chelsea, PolicyMic is proud to have you join its D.C. community!  

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About Chelsea: Chelsea is a rising senior at Georgetown University, and pursuing a double major in economics and government. She has a wide variety of interests, but is most passionate about advocating for education equality and volunteering with the child and human development nonprofit Jumpstart Georgetown

(From Chelsea) If I could change one thing about Washington, D.C., I would make it easier for individuals to have access to White House tours, Supreme Court hearings and Capitol Hill tours. It is sad how many people who live in the area have never embarked on any of these educational journeys. I am a firm believer that before an individual complains about our political system, they need to fully understand how it works. Granted, a tour is not going to enlighten individuals automatically, but during my time as a congressional intern I realized how many people were inspired to do further research about our government as a result of their Capitol Hill tour.

Many people choose to not go on these tours or attend hearings because of long lines and even longer wait-lists, especially in regards to White House tours and Supreme Court hearings. I believe that there should be easier access to government tours for residents and visitors.