Minnesota Gay Marriage: Mayor Chris Coleman Renames Bridge to Honor Gay Marriage


Update: Gay marriage passes in Minnesota.

Minnesota’s Mayor Chris Coleman just received some major awesome-sauce points after renaming the Wabasha Bridge the Freedom to Marry Bridge. The bridge is lined with rainbow flags meant to show solidarity for the marriage equality bill expected to pass the state Senate on Monday, May 13.

Minnesota will be only the second state in the Midwest to allow same-sex couples the right to marry. Democrats in the Senate hold a 39-28 majority and they have expressed optimism that they have the votes necessary to pass the bill, the governor signaled that he would quickly sign the bill into the law. The House passed the bill on Thursday with a vote of 75-50 and even had some Republican support along with one Republican sponsor, according to NBC news

Only two years ago the Republican controlled legislature attempted to bypass the governor by putting forth a ballot measure that would have put a constitutional ban on same sex marriage in Minnesota. Luckily, that measure was defeated by voters. Pending the governors signature, Minnesota would become 12th state in the union to approve same-sex marriage. Woot.